Relationship Psychology

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Have you ever been transferred from your work place or schooled far away from home? Such experiences break your social and family ties, and you may feel isolated or become a loner. You face dynamic changes and sometimes it takes long for you to adapt. Relationship psychology explains how our relationships affect our psychological well-being. When you are separated from your family and social friends, the ties tend to weaken hence you invest in other relationships.

You will agree with me that when your relationships are not working, you are unstable health wise because your psychology needs are not fulfilled. This is because your health is determined by the quality of your relationships. There are themes studied in relationship psychology that explain how relationships orient you in other fields. Most of the time you cannot judge the outcome of a relationship but the basic information you get gives you a rough idea about the other person.

We all like different music. When you meet someone you can guess his personality if he tells you the kind of music he listens to. Studies show that our cholesterol levels are different. To save your relationship from effects of cholesterol you should write down affectionate thoughts about close friends and family members. If your partner is unfaithful how do view him? The conclusions you make can break or re-build your relationships.

Relationship Psychology explains parental relationships after divorce. Children are likely to suffer psychologically in cases of divorce therefore they are the major concern. The parents should devise ways of ensuring that the children have basic necessities and are psychologically stable. Communication and understanding is very vital in a relationship as bring it determines compatibility.

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