Internet and Self Exploration

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is the Internet can be used as a tool for self exploration? The question is not without reason, given that many sites that display a variety of EQ and IQ test. Besides this virtual world technology provides many opportunities for individuals to express themselves uniquely. However, the psychologist argues, if a person fails to integrate the true self with the self that are expressed differently on the internet, then this would be very dangerous for these people's personal growth.

Regarding the impact of the Internet as a means of self exploration, the psychologist view it depends on the individual users. Of course the Internet can be useful if able to increase a person's life, and instead becomes a disease if a person's life is a mess. Bad effect will occur if the Internet is used as a means to insulate themselves. Many people do not realize that he was eventually closed to the social communication either because as the Internet is used as an escape from the problems associated with personality. That could happen because there are individuals who show a different personality when online with offline. The motivation behind it is different from one person to another. Problems will be complicated if the reason is because the individual is not satisfied / love with himself (probably because of inadequate, embarrassed, or feel unworthy), then creates and displays a very different personality from his original. Often he would rather the personality of the new engineering because it seems ideal for him. In fact, according to the psychologist, this is not true and not healthy. Why?

Michelle Weil, a psychologist and author of popular books, providing concrete examples of a girl who was shunned by her friends and then spend time berchatting Proxl ria by displaying a very contradictory character with its original character. As a result, over time he grew a lot with the existing social fact, not even able to accept yourself what it is. According to psychoanalysis renowned experts such as Erich Fromm, this condition is called neurosis. Conditions of prolonged neurosis will result in serious mental disorders. Michelle further added, the danger is created online personality different from the original.

Of course there are positive effects from the use of the Internet on the personality of a person (not addiction). Reid Steere, a sociologist from Los Angeles said, if someone uses the Internet as a medium of self exploration with a clear conscience, he would experience growth as a result of the reflection of himself in full over the Internet.

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