The narrow, clinical psychology

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clinical Psychology on Psychology Journal

Clinical psychology is one of the areas of applied psychology in addition to Education Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and others. Clinical Psychology uses concepts of Abnormal Psychology, Development Psychology, Personality and Psychology Psikopatologi, and principles in assessment and intervention, in order to understand the issue-psychological problems, interference and adjustment behavior anormal.

View from the scope, clinical psychology can be defined narrowly or broadly. The narrow, clinical psychology is to learn the duties of the abnormal or subnormal. Main task is to use clinical psychology test which is an integral part of a clinical examination is usually done in the hospital. In a broader scope, clinical psychology is the field of psychology who discuss and learn the difficulties and obstacles on the emotional man, he does not look abnormal or subnormal. Clinical Psychology sustain the symptoms that can reduce the possibility for human happiness. Blissfulness close emotional relationship with life-sensitive and must be satisfied with a more-related to the terms of rational and intellectual terms (Hien Yap Kie, 1968).

Clinical Psychology on Psychology Journal

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