Frailty Syndrome

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frailty syndrome is, to some extent still be foreign. This is not a disease but a collection of symptoms that describe the decline in function and the limited run day-to-day activities. This problem is related to aging, disability, and komorbid (of 2 or more diseases in one individual).

It's from the Greek myth about Titonus and Aurora, as submitted by John E. Morley, geriatrics specialist knowledge of Saint Louis University. Let's scrutinize story.

Aurora is a beautiful goddess with the two lovers lovers lovers morning and night. Titonus is his boyfriend in the morning. Aurora Titonus very loved, so he does not want to loss. Aurora at the request of the god Zeus his father, to his father to give eternal life to Titonus. Zeus also fulfill the desire daughter. Woe to the Aurora, while aware that there are things you forgot, he forgot to request eternal life to stay young. Although Titonus will not die, but he experienced the life of the elderly, age 50 years decreased muscle strength, age 70 years he became impotent, the age of 80 years must be running with a stick and is very slow, cognitive interference occurs, he began to babble all. Aurora no longer love, he condemns Titonus a grasshopper. Since then, the locust terdengarlah voice chirp, that is the Titonus-titonus no stopping the chatter.

Although it is not, in fact many disease conditions that contribute to cause Frailty syndrome, as anoreksia (appetite decreased dramatically), kaheksia (emaciated), immobility, aterosklerosis, imbalance, depression, and cognitive interference. According to John E. Morley in the study, frailty experienced by many women than men. Besides socio demographic factors, education, mental / psychological, and nutrition is also a subject where berperanan Feed with a high vitamin E tend to be less experienced frailty.

Treat frailty to recover things that are not possible, because every person born in the world surely the old age and experience symptoms of frailty. But perhaps that can be done is to apply preventative steps to slow the emergence and impact.

Some of these steps:

* Increase number of meals

* Sports with the burden (resistance exercise)

* Prevention aterosklerosis

* Not isolated

* Tai Chi exercises or balance

* Check the doctor each year

Physical exercise provides many benefits, including increased mobility in daily activities, improvement of walking patterns, injury risk is smaller, and increased bone mineral.

Resistance exercise is a physical exercise that is done against the detainees. Physical exercise in the simple and cheap but it is useful for the elderly Tai Chi (originating from China) and cobblestone walking (running over the stones). Impact of the main risk falling down almost 40%.

All steps of prevention before the business is to optimize health and improve quality of life for the elderly, so that lie in the hospital is not spectral for elderly utuk but hope a better life.

Frailty Syndrome on Psychology Journal

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