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Monday, March 2, 2009

Self Disclosure on Psychology Journal

In social life in the community, individuals are often suspicious dirundung feeling confident and not so strong that does not dare to deliver a variety of emotional shock or that is in itself to others, especially when the things that deems not good to know other people. As a result, the individual keeps a lot more variety of life issues that often end too heavy to be alone, giving rise to various psychological and physiological problems. In the counseling room in this website, many readers who say that they are very difficult to reveal the self (the opinions, feelings, ideals, feeling angry, irritated, etc.) to other people, did not even share the information if not required / asked. It is interesting that they recognize that the condition is very uncomfortable and tend to make their dijauhi by colleagues or family members own. While on the one hand they feel unsure and afraid to reveal themselves, but on the other hand, they feel that it is necessary to alleviate the burden themselves.

self disclosure can be defined as the provision of information about themselves to others. The information provided can include things such as life experiences, feelings, emotions, opinions, ideals, and so forth. Disclosure must be based themselves with honesty and openness in providing information, or in other words what is presented to other people, let not a private or a mask of lies so pure that only show the good side only.

To answer the question why someone needs to inform other people about themselves, then it should be seen as a cycle that involves three (3) the self-disclosure, namely, relations of friendship and acceptance of self. The explanation Self Disclosure is as follows:

- It is a very good thing if you say to friends or others who interact with you how they can affect you. With the feeling of sharing experiences and then will be able to strengthen the relations of friendship.

- Acceptance of a friend or someone else will be easier for you to be able to accept the condition yourself.

- Because you can accept yourself and feel comfortable with the conditions, then you are easier to reveal themselves so that the relationship with your friend feel more comfortable.

- With input from various other people, a high sense of security, and acceptance of self, then you will be able to see themselves in more depth and able to complete the various problems of life.

Self Disclosure on Psychology Journal

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