Beware! Bad television its Impact On Your Child Psychology

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Television media of the many social aspects as seen as a media in the community since the first time found. Some research shows when someone watching television, then a part of the brain becomes very active and produced hormone dopamine. Some scientists believe, with the amount of dopamine that will reduce high neurotransmitter that sedianya be used for other purposes. Other research on children and adults find the relationship between the many hours spent watching television with Obesity. A study also found that the activity of television watching can reduce metabolic rate of children up to the level below the average metabolism during sleep.

The influence of television on children has been assessed quite worrisome and need to receive serious attention from the parents, because in addition to reducing the hours of sleep result in health also affect children's mental psychology.

Bureau counselors Positive Psychologie Medan, Indah Kemala Hasibuan, say, 83% in Indonesia, of school-age children under six years old has been watching television. Even children pre-school children spend at least four hours each day to see the impressions of television, DVD player, video games and computers.

The influence and development of children after witnessing the media with the impression of violence during the pre-school child psychology will lead to a loud in the association.

"The media to give exposure to the risk of the child is not sensitive to the violence and anti-social," he said.

He said, one of the companies in the United States in 2005 successfully selling video games as much as 10.5 billion units, the estimated amount of increase will continue to reach 46.5 billion by 2010.

"Here is charged roles and responsibilities of parents to guide and help each child see the impressions in the media, so that children can understand the context of a more correct from child watching," he said.

To limit the children witnessed the impression through the media, he said a few tips. Among others, do not put television in the bedroom, avoid television in the morning, should be firm when no television impressions and act before losing control due to the influence of these impressions.

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