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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Insomnia Causes on Psychology Journal

International Classification of Sleep Disorder-Revised (ICSD-R), said that the cause of the occurrence of insomnia are psychological problems, such as experiencing stress, fear, fear, anxiety, depression caused by job stress factor, because the trauma of disaster, experiencing violence or domestic violence, traumatis the experience, etc.. Insomnia can become chronic if not treated immediately. How the occurrence of insomnia cycle at the level of chronic?

Cycle Chronic Insomnia
If someone has insomnia because of the psychological factors (experience difficulty with sleep soundly during the night more than one and less than four weeks) but can not adapt to the causes of insomnia (not able to manage stress are healthy) will result in someone experiencing a short-term insomnia ( difficulty sleeping soundly sunday for four to six months). If this short-term insomnia can not be fixed by the sufferer will then lead to chronic insomnia. If there is chronic insomnia it will take longer for it.

Insomnia Causes on Psychology Journal

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