Self-Disclosures that are difficult

Monday, March 2, 2009

Self-Disclosures that are difficult on Psychology Journal

Although recognized that self-disclosure is very important for the development of the individual, but some people are still reluctant to do so. Basically the difficulty or reluctance to reveal the individual in a lot of self-based risk factors that will be received in the future, on the side because there is no sense of security and trust in yourself. Risk is damage information can be given to someone to third parties when the information is considered highly by the instructors of private information, or information can be presented thus offend other people so that they can disrupt interpersonal relationships that previously have been involved with both. In addition to the disclosure or the conditions are not right, there would be a boomerang for the granting of information. In addition to risk factors, pattern of care also factor plays an important role. In the family or environment that does not support the spirit of openness and information sharing practices so individuals can be difficult to reveal themselves appropriately. That is why some people are very difficult to share information with other people, once the information is also very positive for themselves and others.

Although the self-risk for the perpetrator (our information), but experts assume that the psychology of self-importance. This is the base that says that self-disclosure (which is done properly) is an indication of someone's mental health care. Research shows that individuals are able to reveal the exact self-evidently more able to adapt (adaptive), the more self-confident, more competent, extrovert, reliable, able to be more positive and confident person to another, more objective and open (David Johnson , 1981; in In addition, experts also believe that the psychology share information with others can improve mental health, prevent disease and reduce the psychological issues related to the interpersonal relationship. In terms of communication and provision of assistance to others, one of the ways that it deems most appropriate in helping other people to reveal themselves is to reveal ourselves to the first. Without the courage to self disclosure then other people will act the same, so that is not achieved effective communication.

Self-Disclosures that are difficult on Psychology Journal

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