What is Insomnia? and the Symptoms

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Insomnia on Psychology Journal

Are you or your family, including people who are experiencing insomnia? Insomnia or difficulty sleeping, for some people regarded as a normal thing, but if the insomnia is left it will lead to various consequences of the psychological and physical condition, and even death. In fact, what is insomnia? If insomnia is caused by factors such as psychological stress in a certain time because of the social situation, personal problems that are not finished, domestic violence issues, crisis household economists, the crisis in the business, and so the insomnia is classified as insomnia due to psychological factors. However, if you only have insomnia only 1 or 2 days and this is because the environment where you live a noisy then you only need to move residence to cure your insomnia. In addition, if you experience insomnia because they were experiencing physical pain and insomnia will disappear after you recover. On this occasion, we will discuss about the insomnia caused by psychological factors, because it can cause various harmful effects on people with insomnia, can even cause death. Therefore, you first need to know what the definition of insomnia.

Is Insomnia?
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders-IV (DSM-IV) defines insomnia as difficulty sleeping launch, maintaining sleep, does not feel fresh in the morning and wake up the poor quality of sleep. Once you know the definition of insomnia, whether you are considering starting up, what you are experiencing insomnia or not. For more details, you need to know what symptoms of insomnia. However, please note that here we are discussing insomnia because psychological factors, not the other factors

Insomnia Symptoms
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders-IV (DSM-IV), showed some symptoms may be diagnosed where someone is suffering insomnia due to psychological factors, namely:

1. Difficult to start, maintaining sleep, and can not improve sleep for at least one month is the most keluahan occur.
2. Insomnia is a cause of stress so that it can disrupt the function of social, work area or the other important functions.
3. Insomnia due to psychological factors, this is not including narkolepsi, sleep disturbances related to respiratory, sirkadian rhythm disturbances or parasomnia.
4. Insomnia due to psychological factors do not occur due to interference, such as mental disturbances depression, delirium.
5. Insomnia due to psychological factors do not occur due to the direct physiological effects of a substance such as drug abuse or a general medical condition.

With the symptoms mentioned by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders-IV (DSM-IV), and insomnia due to psychological factors can disrupt the various social functions.

Insomnia on Psychology Journal

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