10 "destiny's" the descendants of the Difficult prevented

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Indeed it is from there," is a phrase we often hear comments about if the nature or behavior of someone. This means, that is its destiny. What if the fate of the scientific review? Clear, there are factors that can be a descendant of a person to experience the destiny of the same with his parents. Next there are 10 men on the condition that behave "destiny" offspring.

1. Alcoholism
Children could be targeted not alcoholic habitue alcohol also. But the latest studies reveal that approximately 50 percent of the children at risk alkoholik suffer a similar fate with his parents. 50 percent of them will be determined more by environment. This caused a number of genes in the parents declined to children, a kind of dependency gen.

2. Breast Cancer

It is still a mystery, but scientists have found that the mutation occurred some genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 is pemicunya. Women who inherit this mutation genes suffering breast cancer. While the men will experience cancer risk prostat.

3. Color blind

As many as 10 million U.S. men can not distinguish the red and green. Disturbances of vision are more men suffered. Why? For gen reseptor green and red are in the position near the chromosome X.

4. Violence

Minatory also if you like a father to do violence on children will decline. Aggressive behavior of male children are usually derived from his father's genes. Not only do habits of violence, but also, and antisocial behavior like stealing. Gen steal like this a lot more work on women.


Obesity is not necessarily due to the environment. Many cases where people are hard to keep militancy eat. This is because there are genes that create a barrier function of appetite does not work correctly. Gen, and this decrease. so do not wonder if you saw one family that all the fat well.

6. Heart Diseases

If you have family members suffering from diabetes or stroke, may simply be suffering from heart trouble. Children of parents of heart trouble and blood circulation will inherit the disease. More patients failed to reduce heart disease will also be similar.

7. Twin brothers

Want to have a twin brother? Check first if there are twin in our family. Twin cases this triggered by a genes that make a mother cells release multiple eggs during the evaluation. Twin offspring are not always decreasing directly to children, can jump to the grandchildren or cousin.

8. Whelk

Severe pustular you? Quite difficult to be cured if both parents are also our pimply. Studies show many school age children also have a history pustular pustular on his family.

9. Not fond Milk

There are some people who can not drink milk with animal substances laktosa womb. Indeed, their bodies can not afford to tolerate laktosa at all. For infants, usually provided with the venter susu soya laktosa low. Conditions like this are also decreased in the family.

10. Hair bald

Despite bald considered in the ordinary man, in fact it also triggered by descent. Genes that have been revealed by one party or both parents, which caused the child also suffered kebotakan. There are also people who suffer a permanent kebotakan certainly also caused by one type of genes.

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