Want to lose your Weight? do not Stress

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lose weight often becomes a major problem and create stress. Various kinds of diet from the most simple to the most expensive have been tried, but the body weight down briefly, not long then increased again. What's wrong? So what diet is best?

Lose weight in fact closely related to the level of stress someone. If we see more people over the age of 100 years, most of them have the ideal body weight does not alias excess body weight. World modern psychology does not call this a sign of neurosisme. They successfully handle stress well, so in general they are more healthy so that most people's measure kortisol they are also more balanced, the body's immune function better and the ratio of metabolism maintained properly.

Indeed, life in this modern era, we often have to deal with things that can cause stress, ranging from congestion on the road, office affairs, domestic affairs and so forth. This is part of the dynamics of modern life. In the United States alone during the last 10 years the number of visits to the spa to remove the stress increased 71%.

Decrease in stress levels can reduce body weight - this is the result of several research studies in the United States is from Yale University, University of California and several other. If the stress level down someone, kortisol degree (major stress hormone in the body associated with a number of health problems - including Obesity) return to normal level so that it can reduce body fat content, control blood pressure, balance blood sugar and control appetite.

In addition, yoga, massage, exercise and eating the right also to provide benefits to control stress and anti kortisol. Stress causes increased body weight, because kortisol circulating and provide high signal to the brain to increase appetite. Kortisol also provide signals to fat cells for as much as we may hold fat, even when we are trying to reduce calories Feed to lose weight.

If your stress, reduce body weight is also more difficult, because of excessive kortisol slow body metabolism. That is why if you really want the weight of the body and the ideal body shape, you should not in a state of stress. In addition to regular sport, healthy living and eating the right way, manage your stress level, so that the lower body weight becomes easier.

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