Love, Wedding and The Consequence

Monday, May 4, 2009

You often hear of certain people who get married because it was forced. Well, they certainly marry without love. They assumes, if it is habitual, future love will grow as well. Begitupun sure you frequently hear the existence of a forbidden love affair. Parents forbid girls will be engaged with the people who loved the girls as less promising rate. As a result, love the girls did not continue to the wedding.

Still very much the thought that the marriage will make people happy forever. 'Living happily ever after', so the term in English. Is it? Many scientists as a myth to say. Feeling happier certainly decrease the time and ride at the other. Furthermore there is no wedding without a problem a bit.

A national survey in the United States by the National Opinion Research Center, in 2001, showed that only 40% of adults are married, 23% who never married, 19% in the divorce, and 16% are living separately, to report experiencing feeling very happy in their lives. This is more or less the same found in Canada and Europe.

However, it is clear that those who marry more that happy feeling. Note that they are married are generally more happy than those who are not married. Married men and married women happier than those who never married, divorced or separated. On those who do not marry, the average suicide and depression is much higher compared with those who married. A survey conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States found that the average level of depression increased by two to four times greater in adults who do not marry.

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