Psychological Condition on Pregnancy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Burden of physical and mental usually experienced by pregnant women because of hormonal and physical changes to it, such as a broad form of the body and emotional condition of the up and down. This burden is often worsened with the emergence of trauma pregnancy, so that the problems faced by mothers is more complex. 

Trauma during pregnancy, can come from many factors. Trivial things such as watch horror movie can bring trauma when the previous problem if the mother does not witness any type of movie: Horror, fight, or thriller. However, when pregnant, the scene is horrific, chilling, or the imprint can be very distressing and culminate into trauma. Mother so afraid to go to the bathroom alone, afraid steer the car, worried that something will occur that threaten the life, the thrill alone in the night, and so forth. This fear became very abundant, so that it is the psychological condition.

Not all mothers to realize that physical and psychological aspects of the two things are related, the influence of mutual-influence, or almost inseparable. If less good physical condition, the process of thinking, mood, emotion and control the action in daily life will be affected by negative electrical current. Among other things, mood or emotions quickly changed circumstances, increased sensitivity, and changes in patterns or food choices that will also affect the self-concept of the mother. 

Psychological conditions experienced by the mother during pregnancy, and will again affect the physiological activity in itself. The dark mood and emotions that explode-tap ledak can affect the heart, blood pressure, production of adrenalin, sweat gland activity, sekresi sour stomach, and others. Trauma, stress, or psychological stress can also create physical symptoms such as tired, listless, easy to anger, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, or feeling lazy.

Because the changes affect the physical and psychological aspects of it, so easy for pregnant women to experience the trauma. According to Shinto, this trauma that can be perceived by the fetus. In fact, embryo already showed reaction to the stimulation comes from outside the body of his mother. Meanwhile, in the development of the fetus, there are times that are considered critical to the establishment of a body organ. Therefore, would not want pregnant women should maintain the physical and psychological conditions so that the baby can grow healthy.

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