Friday, May 8, 2009

Obesity or the ordinary as we know obesity is a problem that is quite amongst troubled adolescents. On young girls, obesity is becoming a serious problem, because the desire to appear perfect is often defined with the body has a slim / slender and proportionately, is the craving for them. This is worsened by the many ads on television, newspapers and other mass media that always stick-figure women the slim figure and the various ad herb medicines, food and beverages to streamline the body. As a result, millions dollars to spend strict diet, medication, and treatment-treatment in order to lose weight.

Not different from the young girls, adolescent men are afraid to be fat. For them, men who have excess weight will be considered the problems serious enough to attract the type of opponent. Many adolescent males who expect to create the ideal body (a little muscular / stocky) and their desire for it on the part of the activities are channeled through youth sports, but unfortunately for those overweight sporting activities akan feel as punishment. This is often used by the seller of the products, drugs or food penurun weight and lightweight sports equipment.

View the phenomenon with which this happens now, is not excessive if it is said that Obesity is a complex problem often faced by adolescents and adults is also included. This is reflected in a lot of money spent to do the diet, buy drugs weight loss, sports equipment that aims to reduce body weight. 

Obesity or overweight occurs when the body fat (obese) because of the cumulation adipose (adipocytes: a network of stored fat body-specific) excessive. Obesity is a condition so where someone has a weight heavier than the weight ideally occur because of the cumulation of fat in the body.

Obesity in the face, often a teenager react excessive. Not infrequently they were also frustrated because even if the strict diet is to consume and herb medicines or weight loss, the body weight does not decrease. What actually happened? To answer these questions we need to see the factors that caused Obesity. According to experts, is based on the results of research, Obesity can be affected by various factors. These factors are genetic factors, disfungsi a part of the brain, the pattern of excessive eating, lack of movement / sport, emotional, and environmental factors

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