Psychological impact of domestic violence against wife

Monday, May 4, 2009

Impact is the strong influence of the draw result (either negative or positive). Violence against wives, any form will result in the victim experiencing the impact of short-term and long-term. Impact of short-term, result in the victim as physical injury, a bruise on the body, the infection, and damage to reproductive organs.

From the psychological aspect, the victim was very angry, irritated, felt guilty, embarrassed and insulted. Long-term impact can occur if the violence does not get the service and adequate assistance. The impact can be negative attitudes towards men or towards sex can even experience trauma, as a matter outside the normal limits (according to the size of himself). Victims of violence against his wife will feel the impact or result in various forms, either medical, emotional and personal (personality) and professionalism.

Stark & Flitcraft (1996) states that violence against his wife will be followed by increased risk of women on the use of alcohol, drugs, business suicide, health problems and mental health. The statement also supported by the opinion of Strauss & Gelles (1999) that women who experienced violence reported worsened health condition three times more often, experience headaches twice, experiencing depression, four times more often and try to kill themselves five times more often half - compared with women who did not experience violence.

The impact of violence against his wife, among others:

1. Suffering a serious injury, broken bones, burned, black eyes, slice, bruise, headache, muscle pains and stomach, which can last for many years after the act of violence occurred.

2. Mental health problems, such as fear, stress, depression, difficulty sleeping or eating. As a way to confront a situation of violence, women can show behaviors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drug abuse, has a pair or more suicide attempts.

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