Child Abuse

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Terry E. Lawson, psychiatrist international formulate the definition of violence against children, mentions four kinds of abuse there, the emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Emotional abuse occurs when parents / carers and children after the patron knew his son asks for attention, ignore the child. He let the child wet or hungry, because the mother is too busy or do not want to be disturbed at the time. He may ignore the needs of children to be embraced or protected. Children will remember all the emotional violence, if violence is emotional progress consistent. Parents who are emotionally valid indecency on children will continue to do the same throughout the life of the child.

Verbal abuse occurs when parents / guardians and child carers, after knowing his son asks for attention, the child is told to be silent or crying. If the child starts to speak, mothers continue to use verbal violence, such as, "you fool", "you choosy", etc.. Children will remember all the verbal violence if all the verbal violence that takes place in one period. Physical abuse, occurs when parents / carers and child protective beat children (when children actually need attention). Staggerer akan remember the child that if physical violence takes place in a certain period. Meanwhile, sexual abuse does not usually occur during the first eighteen months in the lives of children. Sexual exploitation of children is a dependence, the development of sexual activity that does not Matur in children and adults, where they are not fully komprenhensif and not able to give consent because incompatible with the taboo in the family.

forms of violence on children include; 1) The physical, Non Accidental "injury" from light "bruiser laserasi" to the weight of neurologic trauma and death. Physical injury resulting from the body outside the penalty limit, or severity of toxicity, 2) children who are displaced / negligence, the activity or behavior that can cause direct damage effects on the physical condition of children and the development of psikologisnya; 3) The emotional criticism that is marked with / word -words that demean a child, does not recognize as a child. Persecution such as this usually always followed by other forms of persecution; 4) The sexual abuse, persuasive approach to practice. Forcing someone to invite children to behave / conduct of real sexual activity, so it describes the activities such as: sexual activity (oral genital, genital, anal or sodomi) including incest.

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