Stress signaling from Skin and Hair

Friday, May 8, 2009

Problems deadline work, couples who are cranky, the boss is always not satisfied until the child is sick. All these problems are common, but can result in stress if you can not mengkontrolnya. Stress can create emotional and physical changes, such as quickly tired, dizzy, or easy emotions. However, stress can also lead to changes in your condition dermatology. Dermatoligist Flor A. Mayoral, MD, FAAD, clinical consultant at the department of dermatology and skin surgery at the Medical Faculty of the University of Miami, Florida, due to the stress conditions that affect the skin, hair and nails, and to control the tip-gejela these symptoms.

Stress and Skin 

When a stress, production of hormones (cortisol) rises. This hormone to increase production of excessive oil in the body. As a result, the pimple appears. A research note that the Archives of Dermatology, Psychological Stress Perturbs Epidermal Permeability Barrier Homeostasis, revealed that stress has a negative effect so that the skin can not function normally. One consequence is the emergence of even pustule on the person who does not even have a pimple problem.

Stress and hair 

There are many reasons why hair may fall out. However, Dr. Flor more confident, stress is a major cause of Hair Loss suddenly. Explanation is when a stress, the hair entry in telogen phase (of hair fall out). Telogen effluvium is the phase normal hair fall that appears in the 3 months after an incident that makes someone stress. However, the hair will grow again within 6 - 9 months. Dr. Flor explained although this is normal, but should still be examined by dermatologist for more thorough examination. "I can not ask the patient to make a strict diet because of lack of nutrition and a decrease in body weight can make a drastic kerontokkan hair," said Dr. Flor.

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