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Monday, May 4, 2009

Before USG facility to be very common, the sex of the baby is often based on the prospective mother's stomach and heart tap. Guess as mangosteen fruit, which is more fantasy than fact decorated.

However, without actually relying on any USG, often a young child who is not bothered ketulungan, is perhaps foreshadow the middle of baby girls. A number of studies from different countries confirm that suspicion.

Especially in the prospective mother is drunk on trisemester early pregnancy that often culminate in the hospital care. Condition called hyperemesis gravidarum was intensively examined by experts epidemiology from the University of Washington. 

Research conducted on 2110 pregnant women who received treatment in the hospital on first three semester, and also of the 9783 pregnant women without any problems.

Researchers found that in fact the first group, most of the women delivered a baby. Even in the prospective mother is treated in the hospital no less than three days, as many as 80% of women delivered babies. 

Similar research conducted by The Lancet published jurmal and Epidemiology, also confirmed the same. 

Still ongoing research to further explore the causes. Most of the shows because of the influence of hormone production during the female fetus baby.

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