View of Psychoanalysis against Violence

Monday, May 4, 2009

Talk about violence from the point of view of psychology, it's not complete if no review of the theory of psychoanalysis is presented by Freud. Freud is one of the fathers of psychology's imagination in the field of psychology (and even in other sectors) is very large, irrespective of all the controversy in the field of religion.

According to the theory of psychoanalysis, the structure of the human soul is divided into three, the superego, ego and id. Superego work based on the principle ideal (that should). Fill in all the superego is the ban and dibatinkan (internalization) of the parents and figures of authority (and the teachings of religion) for the child. Ego work based on the principle of reality. Egolah a particularly conscious of the behavior of individuals. While en easement based on the principle of work / fun. Personal health is a private who has a strong ego, so that is able to control the impetus comes from the id and super ego is.

Basically, human behavior is driven by two primary stimulus, the encouragement to live (Eros) and the encouragement to die (Thanatos). Encouraged to live and then by Freud in a specific sex in the stimulus (Libido) as its core. This is because Freud saw practice based on experience, many patients who have experienced mental disturbances because they can not afford to express their sexual encouragement reasonably. Libido is the energy that fills in the id.

On the other hand, the energy comes from the superego Thanatos. That is why people are strong and dominate superegonya virginity, easily surmounted worries and feeling guilty and ultimately create a covered individual feeling despair and depression (even the desire for suicide). This happens because the energy is directed to the Thanatos themselves. Meanwhile, when the energy is directed to the Thanatos, this will appear in the form of aggression that is destruktif including the various acts of violence.

Based on the view of psychoanalysis can be drawn the conclusion that basically encouraged to perform acts of violence that has become a basic human nature (the default). All human potential (without exception) to violence (either against themselves or to others).

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